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YouTube has turned out to be an oceanic reservoir of video content. Billions of people across the world publish and watch videos on an enormous variety of topics. Regardless of what is your interest; YouTube always has something for every taste.

youtube to mp3 and mp4 converter Onlinevideoconverter

Maybe you want to enjoy YouTube videos at any hour and anywhere, on the go. A  YouTube to MP3 converter is the right tool for that. It is a computer program that converts a YouTube video into an MP3 file (audio format) for listening offline. Thus, it helps one to listen to audio content anytime and anywhere on the go. Because of its ease of use and efficiency, YouTube to MP3 converter has become a go-to tool for a large number of users. It further helps users to curate playlists to enjoy them at their convenience.

What is it?

The YouTube to MP3 converter is a user-friendly program that does not require any additional software download for fast conversion of YouTube videos.  It is a specialized tool designed for extracting audio tracks from YouTube video content and converting them into MP3 formats. The tool isolates the audio content and transforms it into audio formats for playing on many devices.

The tool is compatible with Android, iPhone, Mac, and Windows. One has only to paste the URL of the YouTube video in the designated field and just tap on the ‘Convert’ button; the MP3 file will be ready in no time. One can create a playlist and it offers a great way to listen to music from your favorite YouTube videos.  It provides a secure way for extracting MP3 files from other platforms as well. One can also download multiple videos without requiring any registration and limitation.

The tool has multiple uses. It helps to engage YouTube content in audio mode. It helps one listen to audiobooks, lectures, music, podcasts, and other audio-infested content without any distraction and without consuming the video. It also requires minimal technical knowledge to use the converter.

Salient features

  • Supports Android, iPhone, PC (Windows & Mac)
  • Involves no account setting or registration
  • No software installation.
  • Offers unlimited free downloads
  • Supports conversion to a variety of media formats including .mp3, .m4a, .aac, .flac, .ogg, .wav, .wma, .mp4, .avi, .mpg, .wmv, .mov, .flv and .m4v.
  • Completely free

Conversion time

Online Video Converter offers fast conversion of YouTube videos. However, the actual time depends on the length of the video & speed. It might take a little bit longer time for conversion during a busy period due to heavy loads on the server. Generally, it takes around a minute or less to convert a five-minute video.

Content Organization

youtube to mp3 and mp4 converter Onlinevideoconverter

Downloading MP3 files from YouTube is easily possible without any need to visit the site every time. The platform is loaded with a developed downloader Chrome extension. By installing the same one can convert YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok videos almost instantly to MP3 format.

Online Video Converter allows users to download MP3 to mobile phones without any additional applications. The converter is compatible with the browsers of mobile phones and tablets. It puts the converter at the fingertips when you have internet.

You can also download videos from YouTube by adding the OrangeMonkey extension from the Google Web Store.

Using the YouTube to MP3 converter

You can do YouTube to MP3 conversion through the following steps:

  • Open
  • One has to go to the desired video on the YouTube channel and copy the URL from the video address bar.
  • Now shift to the YouTube to MP3 converter page and insert the URL in the designated field by pasting for imitating conversion of the same.
  • Next, choose the MP3 format. It ensures easy extraction of the audio content from the selected video.
  • You will find a ‘convert’ button below the input field. Click it. Conversion will start immediately and also help to save the converted audio file.
  • There is a ‘Download’ button. Click on the same after the conversion is complete. This will save the converted MP3 file onto the device.

Reasons for YouTube – MP3 conversion

youtube to mp3 and mp4 converter Onlinevideoconverter

Although the conversion might sound strange at the outset, there are several reasons for such conversions. While you might not want such conversion regularly, such occasional conversion and download might be handy. It enables one to convert any YouTube video into a podcast. Thus, one can listen to it at any time.
The MP3 conversion also allows one to have audio content in a modest size without hampering the quality of the favorite tunes. Maybe you do not have enough space for a YouTube video. Being modest in size MP3 conversion comes in handy. YouTube is a great source for educational and recreational content. But to watch a YouTube video one needs to have internet access. But MP3 files have no such needs; and one can enjoy them anytime, anywhere, and even on the go.

The pluses and minuses


  • User-friendly interface
  • No registration or account opening
  • Easy navigation
  • No software installation
  • Different options for MP3 files
  • Fast conversion and saves time
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Supports many devices and a wide range of formats
  • Safe and secure
  • Available for free


  • Limited downloading of MP3s that are longer than 10 minutes
  • Users must give due consideration to privacy rules and issues.

Legalities involved

Personal use of Online Video Converter might not be inherently unlawful.  But, one must understand the legalities involved in YouTube-MP3 conversion.  While one can watch videos on the YouTube channel, converting and downloading without specific, clear-cut permission from the copyright owner might cause infringement on the rights.


man using online video converter

Online Video Converter offers a simple, user-friendly interface and entails fast conversion of YouTube videos into high-quality MP3 files. It blends variety, flexibility, and convenience into your listening experience.  The platform is free and one can convert any number of files. All these make the platform a standout choice for users.

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Transform Your Media: A great YouTube Converter Experience!

Online Video Converter Pro is a streamlined platform designed for those seeking quick and hassle-free YouTube video conversions. Upon landing, users are greeted with a minimalistic interface that emphasizes functionality. The site supports both MP3 and MP4 formats, catering to audio and video enthusiasts alike. One of its standout features is the ability to convert videos from multiple sources, not just YouTube. The process is straightforward: paste the link, choose the format, and hit convert. No sign-ups, no fuss. While it offers a premium experience for free, it's essential to be cautious of pop-ups. Overall, it's a solid tool for instant media conversions.

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